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Q: Will any of the treatment techniques ever cause any pain or discomfort?

A: No. While some tissues that may be injured or dysfunctional can be sensitive,

the techniques are always applied with your comfort level and relaxation in

mind. There are some practitioners out there who perform deep techniques

and will sometimes exceed a person’s pain tolerance, but that isn’t something

that I believe in and so never do. Do keep in mind however, that sometimes in

the next day or two that follows a treatment, you many experience some

discomfort that will soon pass. This is not a pain really, but some sensitivity that is a

natural response from the body.

Q: I have yet to find someone that can help me with my particular problem. Why

     should I think that a therapist such as you can help me?

A: First, let it be said that not every healthcare practitioner can help every patient.

Every healthcare professional is trained and approaches the body differently.

Sometimes a problem may be overlooked to some degree by a certain

practitioner, but not necessarily by another. Often times, a person’s problem

needs a different perspective in regard to evaluation and treatment.

Q: How long might it take to figure out if you are able to help me with my


A: It varies from person to person. Usually after about three or four sessions at

the most, you should be able to determine whether or not you want to

continue to receive treatments to address your problem.

Q: How often do I need to come for treatments to take care of a particular


A: Again, it varies according to the individual, as well as, the problem in question.

Each person responds differently to treatment depending on various factors

such as: how severe the problem is, how long you have been dealing with it, if

the problem is a result of an illness or disease, your medical history, and your

overall health condition. So it could take one session, many sessions, or it could

be long term if you need to manage symptoms stemming from an illness or

disease. Rehabilitation and pain management could also require some on-

going treatment as well.

Q: If I’m not addressing a specific problem, or after we have taken care of a

     specific problem, should I come or continue to come for regular bodywork?

A: Receiving regular bodywork treatments can be very beneficial in so many ways.

First of all, after resolving an issue, regular treatments will aid in preventing the

problem from recurring. Also, they would provide maintenance to help keep

your body tissues healthy and functioning at an optimal level. Furthermore,

being consistent with the treatments will help you to deal with the

circumstances of everyday life that create stress, muscle tension, headaches,

poor posture, impaired circulation, toxicity build-up, etc. Getting bodywork on

a regular basis will greatly contribute to your quest to achieve total body


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